School Art Note Card Fundraiser – Overview

A KidsKards fundraising program is different from other art fundraising programs because we specialize in note cards. By focusing our product offering to note cards, our fundraiser program provides you with three major benefits:

1. Quality

  • We maintain the integrity of the artwork by reproducing it on an appropriate medium, high quality card stock. KidsKards note cards will not “fade” or “break”, as other trinkets featuring personalized artwork sometimes do.
  • Once we have prepared your order for printing, we will email you an electronic proof file of your order for your review.

2. Simplicity

  • With only one product to manage, your job as a fundraising coordinator is very simple and streamlined.
  • On our end, it means that we can run a very efficient process…providing you with a shorter production time!

3. Results

  • People will willingly participate in your fundraiser since cards are a product that people purchase on a regular basis.
  • Our note cards provide you with a high profit margin of at least $5.50 per pack, based on our suggested pricing.

To learn more, visit School Note Card Fundraiser – Details.