School Art Note Card Fundraiser – Details

Student’s artwork is transformed into beautiful, high quality note cards. Parents order packages of note cards featuring their own child’s artwork. The note cards are blank inside and can be used for any occasion, or can be tailored for a specific use (e.g. Christmas cards, thank you cards, etc.) by choosing a particular theme for the artwork.

Note cards feature a full-color print of the child’s artwork on the front of the card and your school’s logo and mission statement on the back of the card. Also on the back of the card is the child/artist’s name and age/grade.

Note cards are 4”x5½” and are printed on high quality card stock (#1 grade, acid free, 80# cover stock) using the latest digital printing technology. Each shrink-wrapped package includes 20 cards with envelopes.

This is a great fundraiser for all ages, pre-school – 12th grade. No matter what their age, kids feel a great sense of pride when they see their very own artwork transformed into professionally produced products, building their self-esteem and confidence.

Our competitive pricing ensures that your KidsKards fundraiser will generate the profit margins you need to be successful. Shipment of your order is FREE, so all of the profit goes directly to support your school with no extra fees.

School Note Card Pack Program Pricing

Please see below for your cost and your suggested sales price range. Choose a sales price based on your desired profit margin.

Note CardsYour Cost*Suggested Sale PriceYour Profit
20 cards-1 pack$15.00$20.50 - $25.00$5.50 - $10.00
20 cards-2+ packs, same$13.50
$19.00 - $23.50
$5.50 - $10.00
KidsKards requires a minimum order of 25 packages to start the press rolling!
*Includes FREE shipping

Digital File Add-On

New this year, parents have the option of ordering a Digital File Add-On when they order at least one pack of note cards. This is a professionally scanned and prepared, high resolution, digital version of their child’s artwork. It is in jpg format, perfect for using as a screen saver, posting to social media, or simply storing for years to come.

The Digital File Add-On costs $4.00 per file, and we suggest selling them to parents for $6.00 or $7.00 depending on your desired profit margin.

To get your fundraising program started, visit our School Art Fundraiser Instructions page.