School Art Note Card Fundraiser – Step by Step Instructions

1. Reserve Your Spot

The first thing to do, is to fill out our online School Note Card Fundraiser Reservation Form. This form provides us with the information we need to setup your file. It also allows you to request a specific delivery date, if needed. Upon submission of your form, we will contact you to confirm availability of your delivery date.

2. Decide How to Promote Your Fundraiser

Promoting your KidsKards fundraiser will help you to raise more money for your school. Please review our tips for running a successful KidsKards fundraiser for your school.

3. Create the Artwork

Artwork must be created on 8.5″ x 11″ paper or smaller (white or colored). Once you are ready to have the kids create the artwork, take a look at our KidsKards Art Guidelines to ensure that the artwork will reproduce well. You may also like to visit our Fundraiser Theme Ideas page if you’d like to give the kids’ creativity a little structure.

4. Send the Parent Order Forms Home

Once the artwork is finished, send each child’s artwork home, along with a copy of the KidsKards Parent Participation Letter and the KidsKards Parent Order Form. Be sure to fill in your sales prices for one pack and 2+ packs of note cards, and the Digital File Add-On price. Also fill in the submission info, all prior to making copies.

5. Collect the Parent Order Forms

Collect the artwork and KidsKards Parent Order Forms from the parents. These forms are for your use in step #6 below, please DO NOT send them to KidsKards.

6. Label the Artwork

On the back of all artwork that has an order associated with it, write the artwork number and child’s name in pencil in the top right-hand corner.

7. Fill Out the School Order Form

Based on the Parent Order Forms you received back, fill out the School Order Form. This is the order form that needs to be sent to KidsKards. Please make sure your “Artwork #” on the School Order Form matches the artwork number that you wrote on the back of each picture. Save your file with your school name as the file name. Email a copy of this School Order Form to KidsKards, and also print a copy of the School Order Form.

8. Mail Your Artwork and School Order Form

Mail your labeled artwork and the printed copy of the School Order Form to KidsKards (address is below). We highly recommend sending the package with a tracking option.

9. Send Us Your Logo

If you would like a logo, mission statement, etc. printed on the back of each card, email it to KidsKards. Please make sure the logo is a TIF or JPEG file with a resolution of at least 300dpi, otherwise it will not print clearly.

10. Approve the Proof File

When KidsKards is finished preparing your order, we will email you a proof file of your note cards for your review. Once we receive your approval of the proof file, we will schedule your order for printing and email your invoice.

Mailing Address:
KidsKards, 4275 County Line Rd. #209, Chalfont, PA 18914