Artwork Guidelines

Before the kids start creating, please review the artwork guidelines below to ensure that their masterpieces will reproduce well.


  • Use standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper or smaller. Nothing larger as it will be cropped during production.
  • Use white or colored paper (except neon colors, these do not reproduce well digitally).
  • Be aware that neon colors do not reproduce well digitally. While we can reproduce artwork containing neon colors, these colors will not be as bright as the original.
  • Do not use fabric paints, metallic markers, or glitter. Artwork must be scanned and these mediums do not reproduce well.
  • Artwork cannot contain any 3D elements (puffy paint, pipe cleaners, etc.) as these will not scan properly.
  • Bold and colorful artwork reproduces the best. Markers and paints are ideal because they provide a saturated look. Pencil drawings may look too faint or sparse.
  • Artwork should be original artwork only and may not contain any trademarked characters, logos or images. We cannot reproduce these.
  • Artwork may include photographs or other pictures, as long as they are well adhered to the paper.
  • Do not include critical elements or name/signature within 1/4″ of paper edge as this could be cropped during production.
  • Have fun and be creative!