Non-Profit Fundraiser Details – Calendars

Desk Calendar Fundraiser Program

KidsKards Desk Calendars feature selected children’s artwork or photographs representing your organization. The calendar case is similar to a CD case, however the cover conveniently flips over to becomes the calendar’s stand. Each month of the year is printed in full-color on premium quality card stock. KidsKards Desk Calendars can be sold to members of your organization and/or to the public.

These calendars are a great way to not only showcase the talents of the children associated with your organization, but also, to advertise your organization all year long! Your organization’s name and phone number appear on each month. In addition, KidsKards will include a professionally designed calendar cover with thumbnails of each month’s design, and a back cover including your organization’s logo, mission statement and contact information. The branding that our calendars provide will keep you top of mind with customers, supporters and donors year round.

Simply select 12 pieces of artwork or photographs, one for each month of the year, and we’ll take care of the rest. Selected artwork can represent the seasons, or any theme. You decide what’s best for your organization.

Branding features include:

  • A professionally designed calendar cover card containing thumbnails of each month’s design, as well as your organization’s name
  • Selected artwork or photographs representing your organization
  • Your organization’s name and phone number appearing on each month
  • A back cover featuring your organization’s logo, mission statement, contact information and anything else you would like to add

Calendar Pricing

Description: Desk calendar, 12 full-color sheets plus front and back cover, acrylic fold over stand-up case, 4 3/4″ x 5 1/2″.

Number OrderedYour CostSuggested Sale PriceYour Profit
25 to 49 packs$15.00$20.00$5.00
50 to 99 packs$12.00$20.00$8.00
100+ packs$10.00
KidsKards requires a minimum order of 25 packages to start the press rolling!

To get your fundraising program started, visit Non-Profit Art Fundraiser – Instructions.